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Sesame Street parodies ‘True Blood’ with ‘True Mud’

From “Homeland” to “Downtown Abbey” to “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” the “Sesame Street” team continues to turn popular shows into educational programming.

This is definitely one that you wouldn’t think they would be able to parody, much less make it an educational rhyming lesson.

Grouch-B-O, the network for grouches everywhere, presented “True Mud,” a parody of the popular HBO show “True Blood.”

While “True Blood” isn’t exactly a family-friendly TV show with its depictions of sex and violence, this “Sesame Street” parody is definitely kid-friendly and hilarious.

Blood-loving vampires are replaced with mud-loving grouches, and surprisingly, the opening credits are spot-on to the original, skipping past the adult content, of course.

The parody was released in honor of “True Blood’s” seventh and final season, which started on June 22.