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Willy Wonka meets KFC: Chocolate fried chicken

The world seemed to halt when they first put cheese in pizza crust. Then came the Cronut and now the world may be on the brink of the next best — or worst — combo ever: Chocolate fried chicken.

According to the LA Times, there is a new restaurant in Los Angeles questioning why you can’t have dessert for dinner.

ChocoChicken, which opened in early June, has designed nearly every one of their signature dishes with at least a hint of chocolate.

The restaurant uses 62 percent bittersweet chocolate to create a “dark, almost burnt brown color.” Restaurateur Adam Fleischman even created his own unique “Choco-seasoning.”

From bacon biscuits with “Choco dust” to mashed potatoes with white chocolate chive butter, if you can dream it, this restaurant probably has it.

Oh, and don’t forget their chocolate whiskey and chocolate tequila for adult chocolate lovers.

Willy Wonka himself couldn’t have imagined this kind of chocolate-infused wonder.