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‘Feminist Father’ offers alternative rules for dating his daughter

For most fathers, the idea of letting their daughters date is an extremely terrifying proposition.

Often times, they’ll resort to some form of scare tactics to intimidate potential seekers.

But according to one website, a man who goes by the nickname of the ‘Feminist Father’ is taking an alternative route when it comes to laying down the law regarding his daughter’s dating life.

For this father, there are four simple rules:

1. I don’t make the rules

2. You don’t make the rules

3. She makes the rules

4. Her body, her rules

At the very least, Nicole Fabian-Weber of, is behind the T-shirt of rules.

As parents, it’s our job to ensure our kids are safe and well-guided, but it’s important to keep in mind that they certainly have a say when it comes to sex and dating since, like the shirt says, it’s their bodies. Sure, it’s a little bit about our wishes for our kids, because we obviously want the best for them, but also — it’s a lot about theirs.

Hopefully, this awesome set of “rules” will inspire other parents to have a similar mindset and remember that it’s not all about them when it comes to their sweet daughters dating. Of course, nothing is more important than keeping our children safe, but keeping in mind that our daughters are people too can go a long way.