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Red Bull sponsors pair of skydivers who descend over Mont Blanc

Red Bull published a new video Thursday of two men doing some daring skydiving in the Alps.

The clip’s YouTube description said Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet leaped from a plane 10,000 meters (roughly 33,000 feet) above Mont Blanc between Italy and France. The temperature was said to be -58 degrees.

When the divers first jump out of the plane, they do a series of acrobatic tricks — perhaps reminiscent of “Point Break.”

When the pair finally pulls its parachutes, they deftly navigate their way around the mountain’s ridges, eventually landing safely on flat ground.

I’m glad they’re the ones doing it and not me, because if I ever wanted to do anything daring that is Mont Blanc-related, it would be splurging on an overpriced watch or a pen.

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