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Miss USA Nia Sanchez stumbles on naming home state’s capital

Nia Sanchez recently won the latest Miss USA contest thanks in part to an astute answer to a question about how college campuses should better handle sexual abuse claims.

Despite the coherent answer that helped her win the pageant, she was in studio at WPLJ in New York on Monday and had a hard time answering what the capital city of her home state is.

The name was on the tip of Miss Nevada’s tongue, but somebody else had to shout out the answer for her: Carson City.

She said she usually associates the city’s name with that guy who used to be an MTV VJ, Carson Daly.

Does that mean Daly’s not as cool anymore? What is he doing nowadays? Oh yeah, he’s a social media correspondent for the “Today” show.

So as Daly’s star has faded, so goes Sanchez’s ability to name the capital of her state, apparently.

Additionally, there has been some controversy about whether Sanchez, 24, is really from Nevada or not. If she wants it to go away, remembering the words “Carson” and “City” would be a good place to start.