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New OK Go music video one big optical illusion

Thank you OK Go for making our heads spin and reminding us everything is not as it seems.

OK Go, the guys that made treadmills cool, have been known for their skillful and trippy music videos since the release of “Here it Goes Again,” in 2005.

Their latest, “Writing’s on the Wall,” does not disappoint. Filled with optical illusions the music video stars the four band members walking through a well-orchestrated series of illusions in a Brooklyn lot.

The band carries the camera throughout the video as if you were following along with them.

Oh, and if the detail in this video isn’t enough to impress you, it was all done in one take.

The video is kaleidoscopic. You’ll watch it more than once just to see how each illusion was created. Beyond that you’ll have to watch it multiple times before you remember you’re suppose to be listening to the song!