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Watch the country react to the game-winning U.S. goal

In case you missed it Monday, the United States beat Ghana 2-1 in the World Cup thanks to a late goal from defender John Brooks.

He scored shortly after Ghana tied the game 1-1, when many Americans saw their chances at victory slipping away. The U.S. won a corner kick, the ball sailed in and Brooks used his head to drive the ball past the keeper and the game firmly into the hands of the Americans.

The game was shown in bars and homes across the U.S. and people were just a little excited when Brooks scored.

But fans weren’t the only ones who were excited. Drew Carney, a reporter for KGW in Portland, Ore., showed his pride during an interview.

A Vine created by Michael Katz shows volume of tweets sent during both the Ghana equalizer and Brooks’ goal.

The U.S. next takes on Portugal Sunday at 6 p.m. EST.