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Pig flees slaughterhouse truck

Remember all those sarcastic promises you made? “Yeah, I’ll do [something] when pigs can fly.”

Uh oh.

With apologies to PETA, behold: Flying ham/ pork tenderloin/ bacon/ mmm.

This little piggy went “Whee, whee, whee” all the way out of the slaughterhouse-destined truck.

With a hat tip to PETA, good for him. You know? Not only does he make the 15-or-so-foot plunge to the asphalt but, after a roll, he seems to limp off mostly unscathed.

(Some YouTube commenters believe he broke his leg on the jump but, come on, considering the alternative for the boar, I think it’s okay to withhold some sympathy here. Turn it, instead, into praise. HE JUST FLEW! HE ESCAPED CERTAIN DEATH!)