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‘The Terminal’ in real life: One man’s ode to being stuck overnight at an airport

One man faced a lonely, long night at a Las Vegas airport waiting for his next flight. So what did he do with the time? He took his iPhone and started shooting video.

The video starts out as a somber look at slumbering terminals, but about a minute into it, Richard Dunn starts lip syncing to “All By Myself,” as sung by Celine Dion — not the original by Eric Carmen — and it turns into a melancholy, melodramatic music video.

That’s also the same point where the clip starts to turn away from conjuring up any thoughts of Tom Hanks in “The Terminal.”

It’s a pretty funny affair, even though it does get a little weird near the end. For example, one recurring shot has him sitting at the entrance to a women’s restroom. Yes, the airport is literally that empty that he can sit there with no recourse.

I’d personally prefer to sleep while waiting for my next flight, but this works, too.

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.