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Maine farm has a running of the goats

You’ve heard of the Running of the Bulls, but a Maine farm recently held something more innocuous: A running of the goats. Small ones that is.

A video of Sunflower Farm Creamery’s goat run was posted to YouTube last week, and more than 1.5 million people have already taken it in.

Sunflower Farm says it is a “Nigerian Dwarf Dairy,” and the video’s description on YouTube says 44 goat babies (aka kids) often go for a run out of a barn and back, as seen in the clip.

At least nobody had to worry about getting mauled in the middle of the fray.

As much as I enjoyed seeing the goats race their owners, I just can’t help how much better it’d look if the phone were turned sideways while filming. You’d think the action would call for a wide shot, but I digress.

Here is Sunflower Farm’s running of the goats: