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Couple marries outside as wildfire roars

Every wedding should be like something out of a fairy tale where the couple walks off into the sunset. This wedding was more like an action movie as the couple walked away from flames.

According to Fox 12 News, Michael and April Wolber were preparing for their dream wedding when a fire started closing in on their outdoor location at Drake Park in Bend, Ore.

Just as April was ready to walk down the aisle, the sirens blared and firemen told the couple they had to evacuate. The couple, their parents and the guests began to plead with the firefighters.

“I remember looking at the pastor, saying, ‘Liz, I have to marry April today and I have to marry her here,'” said Michael.

Just as the Oregon couple began to believe their big day was ruined, the ranch manager announced they could have the ceremony.

Completing the wedding in record time, the wedding party made a hasty exit to the back-up reception location.

As the couple was leaving, the photographer made them stop to appreciate the moment and captured it, flames and all.

Although the picture is now going viral, it’s doubtful the couple would need it to remember such an extraordinary day.