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How far we’ve come: Today’s teens laugh at our 1990s Internet

Today’s teens have it so easy.

I remember my father tugging a phone cord halfway across the living room to plug into a large, white, horizontal PC so we could get on the Internet for the first time at our home.

I mean, could you imagine it? Internet coming through a phone cord?!

Well, at least I had the Internet around — in some, slow form — for my teen years. But The Fine Brothers have released a video of today’s teens reacting to a 1990s commercial that touts THE Internet. As in, companies used to have to try to convince you and instruct you on how to use the Internet.

The kids comment on everything in the ad from the actors’ clothes to their outdated phrases to the general infomercial-quality acting.

Last week, we shared a similar video from The Fine Bros that shows young kids trying to interact with a late-1970s computer. Yeah, it was an adventure.

The Fine Bros’ latest is closing in on 2 million views and it’s nearly 10 minutes long. So buckle up! It’s like a mini-sitcom episode!