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Watch Americans try international alcohols for the first time

After tackling Coca-Cola and various Japanese snacks, BuzzFeed is back with another video of Americans Trying Things for the First Time.

This installment brings popular international liquors-slash-liquers-slash-aperatifs to the delicate American palate.

Now, I simply detest the taste of alcohol, which is why I drink adult beverages full of sodas, fruit juices and food coloring, so my palate is definitely not what you would call “refined.” However, my boyfriend simply adores — ADORES, I say! — Fernet Branca, which is Drink No. 4 in the video below. I will drink it with him on occasion, and the people’s reactions to it are pretty much how I react every single time.

“Acquired taste,” my foot. (And yes, Fernet goes well with Coke, Random American Dude!)