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Audio of Alzheimer’s-stricken man may leave you speechless

Therapy dogs now exist to help more than just those stricken with blindness. If you suffer from diabetes, schizophrenia, epilepsy or a number of other illnesses, more and more canines are being trained to assist you.

Perhaps that goes for those who are battling Alzheimer’s disease too.

Roscoe is pioneering the way.

A man whose speech has been stolen from him by the disease is seen — and heard — here, audibly addressing his dog, Roscoe.

“Oh yeah, hey!,” he says. “You’ve got, you’ve got something! You’ve got something, huh?” he says, giving Roscoe an affectionate pat as the dog wags his tail. “Yeah, well, that … that’s too bad, there. That’s all. That’s all I’ve got.”

The man’s daughter told The Huffington Post that her father had lost most of his ability to verbally communicate, except, that is, when Roscoe was near.