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Czech man narrowly dodges oncoming train

There certainly have been a lot of run-ins and close calls with trains lately in the news, haven’t there?

Last week, a Connecticut senator was nearly hit by a train on a platform as he helping lead a conference on railway safety, and a young Canadian man filmed himself with his back to an oncoming train, getting kicked in the head by a conductor.

Well, let’s not stop there.

Raw video uploaded by the Associated Press to YouTube on Thursday shows a man in the Czech Republic nearly getting hit head-on by a speeding train.

When the crossing arms go down to stop cars from driving through, a pedestrian, whose face is blurred in the video, finds himself on the wrong side. He nonchalantly walks over the tracks at first, but then speeds it up a little — but not much — as the train gets closer. It’s only carrying about five passenger cars.

The incident is about as close of a call as you can fathom, and it looks like the man’s legs might have even been clipped in the video.

Too bad he didn’t have Hancock around to swoop in and stop the train in its tracks.