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12 years a lead actor?

One boy has spent 12 years of his life filming scenes for a soon-to-be-released film called “Boyhood.”

The boy was only 6 years old when he was cast as the lead by director Richard Linklater in 2002, and together they have made “film history” — at least according to the trailer.

Ellar Coltrane plays the main character of Mason in the film. Recognizable faces such as Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette also star in the movie. The IMDb page for “Boyhood” simply describes it as, “The life of a young man, Mason, from age 5 to 18.”

The film is rated R for “language including sexual references, and for teen drug and alcohol use,” so it looks like Mason will lose some of his innocence as the movie progresses. “Boyhood” is labeled as a drama, not a documentary.

Hawke has worked with Linklater on several projects before. Linklater is most known for directing movies such as “School of Rock,” “A Scanner Darkly” and “Bad News Bears.”

“Boyhood” will be released July 11.