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Brazilian woman attacked while talking with TV reporter about high crime rate

Now this is how to prove your point to the powers that be, even if by accident.

As a woman in Brazil was speaking with a local television reporter earlier this week about the high crime rate and lack of police supervision in her area, a man tried to steal something from around her neck and fled into a nearby street, as seen in a NewsBreaker video.

It’s ironic, don’t you think?

The woman had a purse slung over her right shoulder, but the mugger did not go for that. NewsBreaker anchor Alyssa Caverley says the man tried to grab a small, gold chain from the woman’s neck.

Thankfully, his attempt was unsuccessful, and the end of the clip shows the reporter chasing after the aggressor into a busy street.

Caverly reports that in Rio de Janeiro and its surrounding state, there were 406 killings as well as 629 public transit robberies over a period of one month.