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Thai commercial shows ‘world made more beautiful’ through selfless man

Ever seen one of those sentimental commercials that makes people cry? It’s kind of a running joke — one memorably used in the 1999 comedy “Analyze This” with Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal — but some people really are brought to tears if a touching TV ad is done right.

And what you’re about to see might be one of those ads.

In a video published by a Thai life insurance company, posted to YouTube on Thursday, an altruistic young man is seen walking through the streets giving money to a begging woman and her daughter, setting a plant under a water drain and helping a woman lift her food cart over a curb — among other noble acts.

It’s a three-minute-plus commercial, one that says the man isn’t receiving monetary gifts in exchange for his efforts, but smiling faces and “love.” He is helping build “a world made more beautiful,” the ad concludes. It’s a tenuous tie-in to life insurance, but when has that ever stopped a good commercial from being made?