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Phoenix police looking for fugitive from 2017 fatal DUI case

Fredrick Maurice Hurt (Phoenix Police Photo)

Help the U.S. Marshals find Fredrick Maurice Hurt. In July 2017, Hurt’s vehicle slammed into the back of a motorcycle at Thunderbird and 12th Street, killing the biker.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Jamie Rothschild says Hurt was driving while intoxicated. “That’s why the charge that he’s facing is so serious,” Rothschild said. “He’s looking at vehicular homicide charges.”

And Hurt still hasn’t paid for his alleged crime.

“In 2019 he failed to appear for a court appearance where he was supposed to answer for these charges,” says Sgt. Rothschild.

Investigators are hoping you can help them track him down.

Learn more about the case here.

Our next case happened near 32nd Street and Greenway.

“On Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2019, a woman’s apartment was burglarized,” says Sgt. Rothschild. “During that burglary, several items were stolen. One of those items was a credit card.”

That credit card was then used at a store just a short distance away.

Sgt. Rothschild says “Initially, when you see the suspect in the convenience store, he’s trying to hide his identity. He’s hiding his face with his hand and a bandana. But at one point, he doesn’t hide his face at all.”

And the cameras were there to snap a clear photo.

Learn more about this case here.

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