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Salt Lake City reporter faints on live TV

That’s one way to get people to watch your story.

Before KUTV reporter Brooke Graham began her live shot at Mountain Dale Golf Course in Salt Lake City, she told her producer she wasn’t feeling well. According to her blog, she tends to faint at high altitudes when it’s cold out.

I went ahead and did the math. Salt Lake City’s average altitude of 4,327 feet plus a 22-degree day equals a fainting Brooke.

However, she wasn’t lucky enough to faint off-camera. She was in the middle of her shot when she went down like a ton of frozen bricks.

But there’s good news! Brooke recovered and continued the interview. She’s also getting medical help to avoid more fainting spells.

Also, Brooke said she’s seen the clip and “giggled.” Feel free to point and laugh, people.