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Plus-sized barbies coming to a store near you, maybe

Earlier this month the website posted a photo on their Facebook page asking if people would like to see companies to start making plus-sized barbie dolls.

As you can imagine, this has sparked a huge debate. More than 45,000 people have either liked, shared or commented on the photo.

Some dislike the double chin, others thinks it shows it’s OK to not have a model body.

Rob thinks it shows the difference between boys and girls. Boys toys don’t change the way they feel about themselves if Superman is muscular. He also thinks it’s just a toy.

Stacey (filling in for a vacationing Karie today) thinks it is a problem with how the toy looks. The double chin goes too far. She also doesn’t like the word “plus-sized” or “thick.” She thinks curvy would be a better word.

What do you think?