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Homeless dog living in trash gets second chance

Miley’s story will make you cry.

No, not the pop star, whose antics make people cry for entirely different reason, but this recently-rescued dog.

Now called “Miley,” this female dog was found abandoned and living in a trash heap. She was severely malnourished and suffered from bacterial infections and mange, which severely ate away at her pretty, fluffy coat.

Hope for Paws, the non-profit organization notorious for posting videos of rescued animals on YouTube that will make your eyes leak, swooped in to save Miley and get her the vet care — and love — the mild-mannered dog clearly deserves.

Miley is currently recovering with a foster family, thanks to The Fuzzy Pet Foundation in Santa Monica, Calif., and Frankie, Miley’s new friend, is currently with a foster family, too.

Both dogs are available for adoption.