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Huge choir gathers at Mall of America to pay tribute to fallen teen

A Minnesota teen named Zach Sobiech found out he had bone cancer when he was 14 and died May 20 at the age of 18. But before he passed, he grabbed the nation’s attention with his story and his music.

Sobiech composed a song called “Clouds” that was uploaded to YouTube and went viral before his death. The late teen’s story is still making an impact apparently, because Friday at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., roughly 5,000 people formed a choir and sung Sobiech’s signature song, according to BuzzFeed.


Local radio station KS95 put the event together, originally calling for 1,000 people to come, but nearly five times that number showed up. Sobiech’s parents took part in the choir, too.

Whether or not you enjoyed the flash mob craze of a couple years ago, you have to admit that a spontaneous public gathering of this magnitude — and with good intentions like these — is quite worthwhile.