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Alabama law firm releases racist ad, claims hacking

You know, we all make mistakes.

But rarely do we post them online and then declare we’ve been hacked (unless we’re Amy’s Baking Company).

An ad for McCutcheon & Hamner, an Alabama-based law firm, is drawing a lot of criticism. The ad shows a white man playing a highly-stereotypical Asian person asking for a lawyer, fake squint-eyed sunglasses included.

It’s bad. It’s tasteless. It’s racist. And, according to TIME, the guy who starred in the commercial, Jim DeBerry, is defending it.

In several replies on Twitter, DeBerry said he isn’t racist and is a “top minority employer.” Because that makes everything better.

The video was posted to the firm’s YouTube page but then taken down after the firm claimed it was hacked.

The video is still available on the production company’s YouTube page.