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Dubstep cat is incredibly stupid, incredibly funny


The best cat video that has ever been posted has gone viral.

The Internet is full of millions of videos of cats doing just about everything, well, everything a cat does. But this one is different. This one is special. This one is hilarious.

The YouTube description said the cat is a stray who wondered into an apartment one day and never left.

Meet Dubstep Cat! He was a stray that my room mate took in and we take care of him at our apartment. He is the chillest cat ever, especially for a stray! He is the friendliest cat I have ever met and loves attention from people. Some have speculated that I was harming him in this video, but I know my relationship with him, and trust me, he was fine playing like this, and I didn’t harm him in any way. My friend and I were listening to dubstep and playing with our cat and he started to make him dance, so, we decided to film it. Enjoy!

Dubstep is stupid, but just wait for the bass drop. Trust me.