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Worried about a sharknado? A gun isn’t your best defense

As the wind picks up, you notice something strange swirling off in the distance. It picks up speed and the wind roars louder. As it gets closer, you realize it’s a tornado.

You want to run, but notice something…odd…in the spiral. What can it be? It looks like some sort of animal, but that’s not possible. Unless…


Sorry for waxing poetic, but we just wanted to set the stage. As the world recovers from SyFy’s “Sharknado,” we’ve heard some very real debates about the best way to defend yourself in such a scenario. And with Discovery’s “Megaladon,” all of a sudden people are talking about the best way to defend themselves from sharks!

We may not need to worry about this in the desert, but it turns out that guns aren’t the way to go.

Don’t believe us? Watch the video.