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Report: Disney considering new ‘Star Wars’-themed land

Disneyland could soon be getting a makeover courtesy of a galaxy far, fart away.

According to Mashable, Disney is exploring the idea of new “Star Wars”-themed land in its original park.

Now word comes from a forum of Disneyland fans that visitors are getting hit with a multi-question online survey that asks some revealing questions. Such as: “How interested [on a scale of one to 10] would you be in visiting a Star Wars-themed Land at the Disneyland Resort?”

The survey reportedly asked how familiar respondents are with the “Star Wars” universe, among other things.

Disney is already working to build a “Star Wars” land at its EuroDisney park outside of Paris, France and its Disneyland Tokyo.

While the exact date hasn’t been determined, many Internet rumors place the new “Star Wars” land opening in 2015, which conveniently happens to be the same year when Disney is scheduled to release the still-untitled “Star Wars: Episode VII.”