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Report: 30 percent of Americans trust government

We Americans are a skeptical bunch, but this may be a bit extreme.

According to CBSDC, only three in every 10 Americans trust the government.

As it turns out, more than double the number of Hispanics compared to whites trust the government. That number falls to 38 percent when comparing blacks to whites.

Distrust of federal government is presently at 73 percent. Earlier on in the Obama administration, it reportedly hit a record high of 80 percent, according to a graph constructed and presented by researchers at Pew.

Not surprisingly, Democrats trust Obama’s administration more than their Republican or Independent counterparts.

While some may be quick to blame Obama’s administration, trust in the government has fallen steadily since Bill Clinton left office, when about 60 percent of Americans trusted the government. When George W. Bush left office, national trust was about 25 percent.

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