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St. Joseph’s provides lung transplants and care to Arizona

PHOENIX — Arizona’s sole lung transplant program is located right here in Phoenix.

Since 2007, St. Joseph’s Center for Thoracic Disease and Transplantation has focused on providing lung transplants for those with end-stage and high-risk lung diseases.

“We are the only lung transplant program in the state, doing almost 250 lung transplants so far,” said Linda Hunt, senior vice president of operations, president and CEO of Dignity Health in Arizona.

The success and survival rates of lung transplants done at the St. Joseph transplant center in Phoenix have exceeded the national average. The hospital and 30-day mortality rate is at 0 percent and the one-year survival rate is at a whopping 90 percent.

The center also treats the post-care lung transplants of at least 75 patients who have received transplants in other cities.