For CopperPoint Mutual, small business and charities are mutually important

Jan 7, 2014, 5:36 PM | Updated: 5:36 pm

For CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company, formerly SCF Arizona, community is just as important as workers compensation.

CopperPoint Mutual is Arizona’s largest provider of workers compensation insurance. They currently insure over 20,000 businesses, which equates to about 500,000 workers. While many of their clients would be deemed “big businesses,” it’s small businesses that the company knows help keep Arizona running.

To help both old and new business owners and to encourage future ones, CopperPoint Mutual has set up a blog to help them.

“We have a blog, it’s and it’s thought leadership for business owners and business managers around HR (Human Resources) topics,” said Phyllis Senseman, Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

Topics that business owners are often blindsided with.

“I think, as a business owner, sometimes it’s a lonely hat to wear. Somebody starts off a business and usually they’re doing something that they love and it’s fun and then they find out they have all these other legal responsibilities that nobody told them about, so from compensation laws to ADA requirements to a variety of topics that employers just have a difficult time navigating,” Senseman explained.

Senseman added that they also partner with over 30 trade and industry associations and chambers to provide safety education and HR education and various risk-management topics in order to spur business and help growth.

CopperPoint Mutual also realizes that charities and local community organizations need more than just advice: They need help, both financially and personally.

Every employee gets 12 paid hours of volunteer time and a $500 matching contribution to the charity of their choice. They also host a United Way drive every year and many employees serve on a variety of community and non-profit boards.

“We try to take the heart of our employees and put things into action, so we do [everything] from hands-on projects to money projects,” Senseman said.

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For CopperPoint Mutual, small business and charities are mutually important