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Who is Avnet?

Avnet, a business-to-business technology distributor based in the Valley is not a household name, not because it’s not received worldwide praise, but because it doesn’t have consumers in the traditional sense.

So who, exactly, is Avnet?

“We have suppliers like Motorola and Intel on our electronics side and then we have customers like Honeywell and General Dynamics and then on the computer side of the house we have suppliers like HP and IBM and then we strictly sell systems,” said Avnet Vice President for Public Relations and Community Affairs Teri Radosevich. “We don’t sell to individuals, so that’s why the community doesn’t know Avnet intimately because they’re not really our target market.”

However, Radosevich said it’s important for the community to get to know Avnet because the company calls the Valley home.

“This is our global headquarters…our CEO is housed here in Phoenix.”

Radosevich said Avnet didn’t choose to move to Phoenix; its employees did.

We had to look to where we wanted to go to move our operations and there were several large cities and they actually polled the employees at the time and said, ‘Well, we’re thinking of moving. We’ve got it down to Dallas or Phoenix. What do you want?’ And the employees were like, ‘Phoenix!’ Overwhelmingly, they wanted to move to Phoenix.”

Avnet formerly had its operations in California and headquarters in new York.

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Watch the full interview with Radosevich below.