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Avnet to host 2013 Avnet Tech Games in Tempe

Phoenix-based Avnet will host its annual technological games on April 13.

“The Tech Games are very sophisticated; high-tech related,” said Avnet Vice President for Public Relations and Community Affairs Teri Radosevich.

The Avnet Tech Games, taking place at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Ariz., will pit thousands of students from across the United States in both virtual and physical contests that will allow them to demonstrate their tech skills in numerous fields for the chance to win a scholarship with a value of up to $1,000.

“Teams of college students compete against each other in eight different competitive events that all have to do with technology,” said Radosevich. “Anything from engineering-related to IT, computer science and also sustainability/green environmental competitions as well.”

The participating students will have the chance to demonstrate knowledge and competency in selected fields, exercise team-building, decision-making and creative skills, develop skills for future leadership roles, connect with local employers and obtain hands-on experience outside the classroom.

“It’s really interesting because they way we’ve designed the Tech Games and the competitive events that comprise it is so that we take what the students are learning in school, but we push that envelope a little bit and we make sure that we’re going beyond classroom learning,” said Radosevich.

Registration for this year’s event is closed, but students curious about the contest can get more information from Avnet’s website.

Prior to the games, Avnet will also host a softball tournament on April 6 at Tempe Sports Complex. The event will feature over 32 teams (16 all-men and 16 coed). About 750 spectators are expected.

Chicago-style food and beer will be available. All tournament sponsorships will benefit Spark of Hope. Go to the organization’s website for more information.

Avnet’s Teri Radosevich tells KTAR’s Pat McMahon about the upcoming Tech Games and the softball tournament.