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Pianist, cellist create Christmas songs mashup

You’ve probably heard all the Christmas classics before, even the instrumental versions, but what if you heard two or more of those songs at the same time and that they sound good together?

That’s what Utah pianist Eric Thayne and and cellist Maddie Merchant are testing out, as Thayne posted a serene-sounding music video of the two on YouTube Monday.

Merchant starts out with “We Three Kings” on the cello while Thayne works the keys. It sounds like he’s just complementing Merchant’s sound, but he’s actually playing a different song. You can hear that he’s playing “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” later in the video. Thayne says they actually worked five Christmas songs into the video.

And now, for your listening pleasure, here is Thayne and Merchant’s Christmas medley. (Actually, the video work is pretty good, too, so it’s worth watching as well.)