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The ultimate Christmas movie supercut

Watch nearly every Christmas movie in just over two minutes thanks to the Screen Junkies.

Or at least part of nearly every Christmas movie, although, who even knows how many Christmas movies there are. I’m sure not going to count them.

Anyway, the team behind the “Honest Trailers” has edited together “The Ultimate Christmas Movie–Supercut,” and it’s definitely not just a hodge-podge montage.

Screen Junkies has conveniently organized the montage by “category,” like Christmas dinner scenes, Christmas kisses scenes, Santa Claus scenes and even Christmas gunplay scenes — Hello, “Die Hard” — yet it still sort of feels like one continuous movie.

I sure hope the editor got a nice Christmas bonus after this one.

If Christmas snuck up on you this year, just watch this supercut and you’ll be good to go.

Are you able to name all the movies used in “The Ultimate Christmas Movie?”