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Click Chick: Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey sing with toy instruments

Jimmy Fallon is one of the smartest men on TV. And last night he got into the holiday season with his studio band ‘The Roots’ by playing Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ on toy instruments. Oh, did I mention that Mariah dropped in to help out? I think this is really, really sweet.

Most Overpaid: I often wonder why some actors can bring in $10 million, $20 million a picture when Hollywood has to know the film is going to bomb. If it makes you feel any better, Forbes was wondering the same thing and came up with the list of Hollywood’s most overpaid actors. I hate to say I’m surprised that Eddie Murphy is on this list.

Cute Animal Video: OK, so it’s in the 80s here in Phoenix. This puppy will put you in the Christmas spirit with his romp in the snow.

Psy Rakes in the Dough: He’s had one big international hit, but he’s not going to be broke anytime soon (depending on his money management skills). Read how Psy is on pace to make close to $8 million, ‘Gangnam Style’ of course.