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Summer fun!

With warm weather right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how your family is going to cool off in that summer heat! Whether you own a pool or have access to a community one nearby, pool toys are some of the most economical ways to beat the heat while having fun at the same time!

Squirt Guns

Squirt guns are the quintessential summer cool-down toy of choice. Squirt guns are inexpensive, and they hold a lot of water to last through a typical water fight. Squirt guns can be refilled in the pool, or they can also be filled up through a regular water spigot. Kids love having squirt gun fights and many store brands offer different types of squirt guns– from tiny tanks to multi-storage tanks for longer use.

Nearly everyone at some point has the memory of running around their background with squirt guns on a hot summer afternoon, chasing their friends and siblings and laughing incessantly as they try to dodge the sprays of water heading their way. Squirt guns are also fun pool toys as kids can continually refill them with pool water instead of running out to the water spigot when their water supply runs out.

Basketball Hoop

A mobile basketball hoop and rubber ball is a great addition to any pool as it encourages competitive and fun games of basketball for the whole family. Kids can play popular games such as three on three, horse or even keep away, and basketball hoops in the pool promote cardiovascular exercise while having fun at the same time.

Inflatable Inner-Tubes

It wouldn’t be pool time without an inflatable floaty toy of some shape or form. Popular inflatable items are mattresses, inner tubes and even “noodles” that kids can use as flotation devices to swim or to rest. Mattresses allow you to take a break from the exercise and just lay in the pool to rest, and also allow for your children to stay above water. Water wings provide stability for your little swimmers to keep their head above water while swimming and allow you to rest, knowing they will not go underwater. Inflatable toys help kids to have fun in the pool while learning how to swim at the same time.

Diving Rings

For the more advanced swimmers in your family, a great way to teach breathing and swimming stability is to throw diving rings at the bottom of the pool for kids to hunt and retrieve. Diving rings are inexpensive pool toys that can be turned into a game with rewards, such as seeing who can collect the most rings in the shortest amount of time. Diving also promotes sustenance in holding breath for longer durations and learning how to open eyes under water. Diving rings would make a great addition to your pool collection.

With summer just around the corner, your kids will likely be spending many days in the pool. It’s a great idea to invest in a few types of pool toys to keep them busy and entertained, while also enhancing the exercise they’ll be receiving while they swim as well. Pool toys are something the whole family can use together and can create lifelong summer memories with.