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Safe at home – We’re not just talking baseball

Keeping jewelry protected in your home is not difficult with the right safe. Determining what you need in a jewelry safe can be a little more complicated. There are a number of options out there but to get the best possible safe that serves your exact needs – consider a custom safe.

Custom safes will fit where you want them to, will have the shelving you need, the colors you’re after and give you the protection you need. Consider the following when making a decision on a jewelry safe.

• How much storage space do you need?
• Where will the safe be located?
• What kind of lock is best for your needs?
• Do you need fire protection?
• Will the door be able to completely open in your chosen location?
• What features are you looking for?

Custom safes companies can give you the answers to the above questions to get you the safe you want. Pick a company that knows what its doing – look for testimonials and reviews online. This is an important decision – you should feel secure in making it.

A safe is an investment in keeping your jewelry safe and well cared for. Taking the time to understand the terminology used and speaking with an expert can help make the decision easier.

There are two systems used to let buyers know about the safe’s specifications. Construction ratings let a buyer know how the safe was constructed and performance ratings are designated by Underwriter’s Laboratory and indicate a minimum standard of performance during the testing.

Construction ratings go from B-Rate with steel doors less than 1 inch thick and walls less than 1/2 inch thick to E-Rate which has steel doors 1 1/2 inches thick and walls at least 1 inch thick. The construction rating includes how the safe tested for tool resistance, torch resistance and explosive resistance.

The performance rating starts at RSC (Residential Security Container) and has the ability to withstand five minutes of trying to get inside by Underwriter’s Laboratory technicians. The far end of the spectrum is TRTL-60 with a combination locked safe that can withstand power tools working on it for a prohibitively long length of time.

Having a custom safe is not just about protecting your jewelry. Often families hand down jewelry from generation to generation and no monetary value can be placed on some of these treasured pieces. Protecting these items is very important for all members of the family.

The safe can protect from burglars and fire as well.

Custom safes can be the answer to your security issues. A custom safe can be made to fit with any room in your house and blend into nearly any space.