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Honoring long-term employees with something memorable

For the longest time, you have considered honoring your long-term employees. You want to award them with a memorable action that’s for keeps. They have been of good service to your company. Your loyal employees deserve a lot of things but fun ones to display constantly are crystal awards.

Employees who receive recognition and rewards for their service feel better about their jobs and become more engaged as they know they’re efforts haven’t fallen under the radar. The end result is a more productive business.

Crystal awards act as inspiration for your other employees. The more you give tokens of appreciation to members of your staff – not necessarily always the same things for everyone – the more inspired they are to do well and serve your business better. This also provides an incentive to other employees who have just been hired.

Material gifts are welcome but offer temporary benefits. Crystal awards are long lasting and show classy gratitude. They provide memorable proof of the work your employees did in making your company competitive.

Inscriptions and Delivery

Crystal is a timeless material and can be shaped in countless ways. If not, you can always think of a unique style to suit the theme of your company. Personalized crystal awards are gratifying. Deep etch engraving in the crystal and setting up logos is also possible. All can be done according to your preference.

There are some employers who prefer to inscribe quotations and inspiring words that come from the heart. If this is what you like, pick a quote everyone hears you say all the time or browse through some inspirational books for something different that shows it truly does come from the heart.

The most appropriate time to give these crystal awards is during your annual meeting. Usually, awards are given on the anniversary of the founding of the company. Employee recognition is more formal when done during a special occasion.

It is greatly recommended that you schedule an unannounced event to create enthusiasm among your employees (make sure to mention there’s no bad news). During off-peak season is the best time. Employees are relaxed and have time to luxuriate in the attention. Creating a special occasion for awards distribution is a lot better than trying to find a time and place in your holiday parties.

Looking for the Best

There are many different achievement or life stages to consider when thinking of showering your employees with gifts. You can give your workers crystal awards for their years of commitment to service, no reason at all, excellent sales achievement, employee recognition, exceptional loyalty, punctuality, and others. You can think of other “King/Queen” titles to remind employees of the most important aspects of their jobs you admire.

Your employees display hard work and perseverance not because they expect to be recognized but there is no downside to the pleasurable gesture on your part. Your trusted employees can show it to family and friends.