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5G, iPads and more: Arizona expert discusses decade’s top technologies

(Getty Images Photos/George Frey and Justin Sullivan)

PHOENIX — The past decade was amazing when it came to new technology. Buckle up because the 2020s will see technology that will dramatically change the world and our lives.

Ken Colburn with Data Doctors said so many things happened in the past decade that weren’t even an idea or a thought 10 years ago.

“This little device called the iPad was introduced. Smart watches became commonplace. Streaming services led to cord cutting,” Colburn told KTAR News 92.3 FM.

“We’ve seen a huge explosion of new operators providing streaming services. Social media’s impact on society around the world was very prominent. Self-driving cars went from a science project to a real development focus for every car manufacturer.”

Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, Colburn said some of the technology that came to life in the past decade will dramatically change our lives in the next decade.

“Starting with 5G and the wireless car, both will create new industries that don’t exist today. Artificial intelligence will impact virtually everything we do in the next decade,’ Colburn said.

“Robotics and machine learning will continue to reshape the global workforce, leading to more nontraditional jobs born out of emerging industries.”

Colburn said he sees one negative trend ahead.

“Hacking people instead of technology will continue to grow,” he said.

“It will be incumbent on all of us to become more security-aware. We’re now the focus of the attacks, not our technology.”

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