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Raccoon rescued from cement by Scottsdale nonprofit is now foster mom

(Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center Photo)

PHOENIX — A raccoon that was rescued from wet cement by a Scottsdale nonprofit over the summer has a new title: foster mom.

Gypsum, who has been nicknamed Gypsy, has become a foster mom for eight baby raccoons at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center facility in north Scottsdale, the nonprofit said Monday in a press release.

“She’s a natural mom and caregiver,” Southwest Wildlife Founder and Executive Director Linda Searles said in the release.

When Gypsy was stuck in the wet cement on June 29, she was losing body heat due to the cement setting and cooler evening temperatures.

Rescuers spent over an hour shaving Gypsy then soaked her in warm vinegar water and wrapped her in a heated blanket to bring her temperature back up.

At the time, the facility said that Gypsy was old enough to have raised babies, which made her a perfect candidate to be a foster mom.

Southwest Wildlife raised about $1,300 to support Gypsy’s care.

The facility is caring for about 350 rescued animals right now, including coyotes, foxes and bobcats. Some of the animals will get released back into the wild while others will stay at the Scottsdale facility.

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