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Phoenix police looking for diaper thief, assault suspects

Suspect in Oct. 27 robbery (Phoenix Police Photo)

A shoplifting at 19th and Dunlap avenues quickly turned into a much more serious crime. Phoenix Police Sgt. Jamie Rothschild says it happened Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019.

“It’s about 10 o’clock at night and you can pretty clearly see our suspect,” Rothschild says. “He’s in the Ranch Market and he’s kind of lingering, loitering around.”

You can see him clearly on camera stuffing a package of diapers under his shirt.

“Then he goes to leave and he’s making zero effort to pay for the items,” says Rothschild. “And when the security guard approaches him, the suspect reaches under his shirt, pulls out a gun and points it at the security guard.”

He takes off in a silver Nissan SUV.

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On Monday, Dec. 17, 2017, it was 8 p.m. at the Long Wong’s at 35th and Southern avenues.

Rothschild says, “At the time, our victims were 16 and 23 years old. There was a disturbance inside the restaurant.”

The employees asked the suspects to leave and when they were outside,  “You can see on the video, and it’s hard to watch, the suspects assaulted the victims and caused pretty serious injuries,” says Sgt. Rothschild.

One of the workers ended up with a large cut on their scalp and a broken eye socket. The two men who beat them drove off in a white Chevy Impala.

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Arizona's Morning News

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