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Sounding off on the VPs one-and-done debate

Vice presidential debates are about one thing and one thing only: helping Americans determine if they can imagine that candidate as president if something awful should happen to the president.

Thursday night, we witnessed two very different men. First, the seasoned career D.C. insider with a, well, creepy smile. The other man was young and polished — a math geek.

Jo Biden is Paul Ryan’s senior by, let’s say, 156 years. It was apparent that Biden viewed his junior like we would a 12-year-old at the grown-ups table at Thanksgiving.

It was obvious from the onset that Biden was well-coached and prepared to follow his marching orders of “steamroll everyone in the room!” Biden came with guns blazing. This is what he had to do. The problem is that Biden’s guns were laughter, sarcasm, immaturity and a “Cheshire Cat” grin.

His laughter through topics like dead soldiers and the slaughter of Syrian citizens was not only disgraceful, but also embarrassing. Biden seemed to have both Ryan and the moderator against the ropes all night. The problem is that he never seemed to deliver a seemingly open knockout blow.

America, Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan, America. Where has this guy been?

The Romney campaign should be ashamed of themselves for not plastering this good-looking, articulate and polished professional all over the daytime shows. Having said that, Ryan got stomped on Thursday.

We know, we know. Biden was rude. Who cares? Man up, Paul Ryan. This was your one shot to take it to the opposition.

Ryan failed to bring specifics and facts when pressed by the moderator. He was on his heals all night until the closing comments. Those that actually stayed tuned in for the closing statements were treated to two minutes of uninterrupted Paul Ryan. He brought his case to America while glaring into the camera — with no teleprompters.

The clear winner on Thursday? The Congressional Dental Plan. Seriously, are we the only ones that are having nightmares about Biden’s teeth? Creepy.