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President Obama listless, Romney wins first debate

Debate number one is history and Mitt Romney clearly won.

Barack Obama was described as “listless” by his own people. Romney was presidential. He didn’t let Obama get away with lies.

The $5 trillion figure the president tried to stick to Romney was refuted time and time again. Romney made a case and the president couldn’t answer. In fact, the president, without teleprompters, was totally lost.

His knowledge of issues was not as crisp as was Romney’s. Now you are going to say I am totally biased, you are going to say I must have just been watching Fox News. You’d be wrong.

I went to ABC, the home of the most vocal Romney critics, the home of the most partisan news people. Maybe MSNBC would rank high on “the president was great” list, but even the biggest Obama fans were critical of his presence and admitted Romney dominated the debate.

It is unfortunate that I heard one “brilliant” talk show host say Obama will still win by 60 percent. That host should read more polls and different newspapers. That host should try not whistling in the wind. What debate was he watching? Surely not the same one millions of our fellow Americans watched Wednesday night.

Just what difference will one debate make now becomes the question. Obama has ruled from the far left. He tried to move to the center for the debate. It didn’t work.

The final statements were telling. Romney talked about a government wanting overall power. Obama wants a government that controls our lives. He refused to take credit for a stagnant economy, huge unemployment and he had no solutions.

Will it make a difference? There are two more debates and one vice presidential debate. If the president is as lifeless as he was during the first debate, it will make a difference. For the sake of our America it must make a difference.