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Short tempers lead to shootings on Phoenix streets, death

(Getty Images/John Moore)

Our first case takes us to a neighborhood near 29th Street and Beardsley Road in Phoenix, where tempers flared and bullets flew.

“This is an extreme case of road rage,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Derek Elmore said.

It was about 10 p.m. on July 26, 2012. The victim, Dennis Thompson, was behind the wheel of his truck when he got into some kind of argument with a guy on a motorcycle.

“The guy on the motorcycle then took out a gun and shot [Thompson] in the head,” Elmore said.

Investigators don’t know what prompted the road rage or who was on the motorcycle.

Thompson spent more than two years on life support before he passed away in December 2014.

The motorcycle is described as older, dark in color with a white stripe on the back.

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Next, an unsolved murder in the parking lot of the Coconut Grove Apartments at 20th Avenue and Indian School Road in Phoenix.

Elmore said Larry Westbrook got into an argument with a female friend the night of Jan. 10, 2015.

“He went down to the parking lot to his car and shortly thereafter, gunshots were heard,” he said.

“Later, Westbrook was found in the parking lot with the gunshot wounds.”

Witnesses told police they saw a group of men take off out of the parking lot after the gunfire.

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This article originally appeared Jan. 26, 2015.

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