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Day laborers victimized; Phoenix murder suspect yet to be found

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He’s stalking day laborers and police want him caught.

“This is a case that involves a ton of different robberies– 13 that we can pin to this guy,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Derek Elmore said. “Who knows how many more he’s committed that just haven’t been reported?”

He hits places where day laborers congregate. He’ll offer work to someone who gets in his vehicle and he drives them to a secluded location.

Then he uses either a gun, knife or just brute force to steal their money and personal property.

The suspect has been seen in three vehicles: A grey Ford F-160, a black Dodge truck and a pearl-colored Lincoln Navigator.

Our next case is solved but the suspect hasn’t been caught.

It was 7 p.m. on Oct. 6, 2013, at a house near 75th Avenue and Indian School Road. Ismael Perez, 23, shot and killed his 21-year-old wife, Sandra.

“He fled the home in a green Nissan Titan, which has since been located,” Elmore said, adding that Perez was not in the vehicle.

Perez was last seen near San Luis, Arizona.

Police are hoping you can narrow down his whereabouts and tell them if he’s still in Arizona or crossed the border into Mexico.

This article originally appeared Nov. 10, 2014.

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