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Robbery suspect hides face, escapes from Phoenix store with cash

Detectives dubbed him the “Mummy Bandit.”

“He’s wrapped himself in cloths, shirts and other things to try to conceal his identity,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Derek Elmore said.

“You cover yourself up but your mannerisms, your characteristics and all that stuff are still out there. People can still tell who you are even though you’ve tried to hide your identity.”

The suspect entered the Circle K on 27th Avenue north of Indian School Road on Aug. 21, 2014.

He immediately located the clerk, put a knife to her throat and forced her to the registers.

She opened one and the man grabbed the money. She wasn’t able to open the second register so he jumped back over the counter and fled on foot.

And while this guy tried to conceal his identity, Elmore said he wasn’t completely successful.

“He had on some distinct Nike shoes,” he said.

“They’re the older style, low-cut, dark in color with a white stripe and white bottoms.”

This story originally appeared Sept. 8, 2014.

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