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Psychic beaten, robbed; AC units stolen from Phoenix school

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This psychic didn’t see it coming.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Derek Elmore said on June 1, 2014, at about 7 p.m., two men knocked on the door of the victim’s house on 19th Avenue near Bethany Home Road.

“He allows them in because he does do psychic readings,” Elmore said, “and one of the men asked for a reading.”

A few minutes after he let them in, the doorbell rang again.

Three more people were at the door. At that time, the two already inside used a stun gun on the victim then beat him and tied him up.

Elmore said they took numerous items from the home, including the victim’s truck.

All five suspects got away in three vehicles. Nearby surveillance cameras snapped pictures of them as they sped off.

Our next case takes us back to Oct. 12, 2011.

Two men broke into Irene Lopez (formerly Rose Linda) Elementary School near 12th Street and Broadway Road and stole $40,000 worth of air-conditioning units.

They took a table from the school to give them access to the roof, where they could get to the air conditioners,” Elmore said.

And once they had the heavy-duty equipment, police aren’t sure whether they sold them or parted the units out for scrap.

Either way, it was an expensive loss for that school.

This articles originally appeared Aug 18, 2014.

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