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Authorities still searching for suspect in 1992 murder in Phoenix

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“He was a very good guy and I miss him so much,” said Jackie Isaac.

Isaac’s brother, Tommy Similar, was the fourth of seven children. He was only 10 months older than Isaac and she said she misses him a lot. Now, she’s hoping you can help catch the man who killed him.

Similar was working as a security guard at the Whole Life Center near 15th Avenue and Van Buren Street. On Dec. 27, 1992, about 3:30 p.m., Similar confronted a man who was walking around on the property — and that man shot him.

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“The suspect was a white male nicknamed Red,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Darren Burch. “He had shorter-length reddish hair. His hair, mustache and beard were trimmed. We still don’t know why he shot Tommy Similar other than that he was asked to leave the property.”

Isaac said Similar grew up with learning disabilities that kept him in special education classes at school, but he never let his disabilities hold him back.

“He conquered driving an 18-wheeler across the country,” she said. “He was a cab driver in San Antonio. He conquered things people never thought he would.

“He’s gone. I know he’s gone but I think about him every day. I want to know before I die that his killer has been arrested.”

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