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Police: Suspect caused $500K in damage at Turf Paradise in 2013

Someone took criminal damage to the extreme at Turf Paradise.

“We’re talking almost [$500,000] in damage,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Darren Burch. “To the extent that someone even drove one of the high-end tractors all over the place, ripping up fences and eventually destroying the tractor.”

The damage happened over three different days in July 2013, while the track, at 15th Avenue and Bell Road, was closed.

The Silent Witness reward in this case is up to $6,000.

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Our next case takes us back to July 1, 2005 at Wild Bill’s Saloon near 27th Avenue and Glendale.

“This is a sad story,” said Burch. “Twenty-eight-year-old Chad Cassidy went to the saloon with a friend. The bar was closing so he and his friend walked out.”

Two men, driving a 1974 Pontiac Bonneville that was light green with primer spots and had a white vinyl top, approached Chad and his friend.

“There were armed with a rifle and confronted Chad for money. It was a robbery,” said Burch. “And for whatever reason, as they were leaving, one of the suspects shot Chad with a shotgun.”

Even though Chad and his buddy cooperated with the robbers’ demands.

Burch said Chad lived in the Valley until he was 18 then moved to Wisconsin. One of five children, Chad liked fishing, motocross, camping and was known for his great sense of humor. He was also the father of 10-year-old twins. He had just found out about them and was excited to meet them. He came back to Arizona to get to know them. It was during his return visit that he was killed.

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