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Valley expert explains how small businesses can avoid cyberattacks

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PHOENIX — Small businesses have increasingly become victims of cyberattacks, and in many of those cases, the attack is fatal.

Brandon Disney from Data Doctors said the smaller the company, the more vulnerable it can be because it doesn’t have the dollars and resources to put into protection with in-house professionals or third-party professionals to take care of things.

“There’s also a lot of denial where small businesses don’t think there’s a lot of information they have that needs to be protected,” he told KTAR News 92.3 FM last week.

“There’s customer and employee information, trade secrets and other information that they have, and once they’ve been hit by a cybercriminal, they realize it’s important stuff.”

Disney said statistics show small businesses are targeted more often than the larger outfits because the thieves who are looking for information know they have less protection.

Many small businesses that get hit with cyberattacks go out of business. But Disney said the smaller businesses are not defenseless.

“No. 1, have a password policy and enforce it. Make sure employees are using strong passwords,” he said.

“Make sure all of your software is continually updated. Have strong malware protection and at a decent level that protects well beyond what the basic free stuff does. It’s not very expensive and can prevent a lot of pain.”

Disney added there’s cyberrisk insurance that small businesses can ask their insurance agents about. That will help pay for some of the damages that might result from a cyberattack.

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